VAS is a voluntary community organisation which was established in 1974 and registered as a  UK charity in 1977. Based in London, the organisation promotes openness and cross cultural awareness of key issues in today’s world through communication, education and interaction between all, that is the old, young, male, female, regardless of origin and status, by dialogue and debate.

The main aims and objectives of VAS are to:

  • provide a meeting point to arrange courses, conferences, seminars, discussions, surveys, research, classes and study groups, productions, exhibitions, films, videos and produce other tools on cultural, healthcare, environmental and other community issues: 
  • raise funds in such manner as the organisation shall think necessary to fulfil aims and objectives;
  • advance education; and
  •  provide activities and facilities beneficial to all members of the community, regardless.
  • education of the Highest Knowledge based upon Sri Svamiji's Teachings.
  • VAS draws on the traditional Vedic perennial values of India in order to highlight the approach of responsibility for self in all of one’s actions and in whatever capacity in which one is operating. It aims to integrate the more positive aspects of knowledge and behaviour of the East and the West in the implementation of its activities and projects.  


     The environment is a key issue of concern to VAS, as well as the provision of clear understanding of such concerns to ethnic minorities in a sustainable manner and as part of the community as a whole. Since environmental and sustainability issues have now been recognised as representing a key aspect of risk management VAS has in turn recognised that there are many concerns facing a small charity.  VAS has developed for some time educational tools that could be used to keep VAS abreast of such matters.  These are valued by its Committee and supporters to enable VAS to be more environmentally informed for itself and others, including its volunteers, members and the community at large.  Environmental issues have become more a priority in the context of all forms of activity as they cross all divisions in society and fit well with the organisation’s core objectives.


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